An easy to follow app marketing course


AppGrowthLab is a free easy to follow app marketing course.  

The course features 55 app growth lessons handcrafted by 30 app marketing experts from SplitMetrics, Google, Facebook, SearchAdsHQ, Rovio, AppTweak, Phiture, AppsFlyer, Buffer, Game Analytics, AppFollow, Incipia, Apptamin, TheTool, Chartboost, ASOdesk, AppRadar, AppVirality, Pixel Federaion, AppMasters, 8fit and Chat Leap.

We hope that you'll enjoy the course! And I bet that it will inspire you to test new app marketing channels and put even more ambitious goals. 

Happy learning!

What's included?

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What's the course about?
App Marketing Tools You Need
ASO Stack
iTunes Connect Overview
Developing a Holistic Mobile Growth Strategy with a Lightweight Framework
Google Play Console Overview
How to Pre-Validate Your App Idea?
Soft-Launching Your App
Getting your app into the App Store and Google Play
Increase Visibility
Keywords Optimization in ASO. Why Is It Important?
How to do Keywords Research and Prioritization?
Keeping Track of Your Keyword Ranks
Developing a Keyword Optimization Strategy
Optimizing for Top Keywords to Maximize Downloads
Getting Featured on the App Store
Getting to Top Charts
Localizing Apps to Increase Visibility
Increase Conversions
The Importance of App Store Optimization in App Marketing
Research: How to optimize apps for iOS 11?
Screenshots Optimization
Elements Influencing Conversions
Icons Optimization
App Video Preview Optimization
App Name, Subtitle, and Description Optimization
In-App Purchases Optimization
Rating and Reviews
Use App A/B Testing to Boost Conversions
How to Do Research for A/B Testing
Boosting In-App Conversions: 5 Surefire Ways
Re-engaging Users with Facebook Messenger
PDF: The ultimate ASO checklist
How to Apply Game Elements to Boost User Growth and Engagement?
Mobile Engagement Channels & Tactics
Increase Traffic
Getting Users with Apple Search Ads
Optimizing ASA for Higher ROI
Paid Mobile User Acquisition 101
Getting Users with Google's UAC
Getting Users with Facebook Ads
How to Do and Track SEO?
Implementing Viral Tactics
Using Video Ads for User Acquisition
How to Do PR for Apps?
Optimizing Apps Ads for High LTV
Growing a Gaming Community from Scratch
Social Media Marketing for Apps
Growing Apps with Facebook Messenger
Mobile Retargeting Campaigns 101
Mobile App Analytics
How to Analyze Your App?
How to Set Up Minimum Viable Analytics?
Key Mobile App Metrics
Google Analytics for Mobile Apps
How to Track In-App Events
App Video Preview Analytics
How to Identify the Main Sources of Installs for Your Mobile App
Workshop: Setting up Analytics in Your Game
What's next?
App Marketing Blogs to Read
Kickstarting Your App Marketing Career